About Us

Alamo Barter members barter millions of dollars in goods and services every year with each other.

Our network of members have been able to save their cash on many of the purchases they make to maintain their business, home and even entertainment needs. If you own a business or have a profession that is in demand, you could join the hundreds of members who are able to barter their good or service for whatever they need instead of paying cash for it. Whether you need small consumable items or find yourself starting a large project, Alamo Barter is here to help you.

Each good or service is bartered with a dollar value equivalent to what a cash paying customer would pay. Each sale you make is credited to your account, and your accumulated ‘barter dollars’ are what you use to make your purchases with. As your broker, we will help promote and advertise your business to our network of members through our email blasts, newsletters and referrals. This in turn, also, generates new cash paying customers as they see and hear about the work you do. What better way is there to grow your business and save your cash at the same time!